Execution of the project is a crucial element that we take very seriously at YK Group. We rely heavily on the integrity and intellectual capital of our managers for decision making. The management team is a highly prized asset in our organization. Work ethics is the value that we most emphasize in our office culture. Our managers lead by example and always make decisions with our customers’ interest in mind.

Property Management

Ensure the timely payment of rent and deal with tenants problems. For repair and construction work, we have licensed personnel as property managers and an experienced handyman to fully devote into tenant’s needs at all times.

Process Management

Handle the legal procedures regarding real property transactions.

Information Management

Research and organize real estate information regarding property of interest.

Maintenance Management

Effective maintenance work is very important to keep up the value of the property, keep tenants satisfied, minimize operating expenses and improve the profit margin for the owner.

Financial Management

Intermediate financing from banks and private investors for real property acquisition and investment.