We work closely with our clients to understand and resolve issues on real estate acquisition and disposition. Our professionals have insightful knowledge of the market of interest.

We promise our investors to...

  • Act as a principal-agent on behalf of the owner in all situations
  • Obey the fiduciary relationship between the principal and the agent
  • Put the property owner’s interest first, over and above our own interest
  • Carry out in good faith, the property owner’s instructions
  • Report accurately on the status of the trust funds
  • Keep the owner fully informed of all material facts regarding the management of the property
One of our principal responsibilities is to make sure a property generates income. It is essential that we market any and all available space.  We will preview space before putting it on the market to make sure that everything is clean and in good condition. We will then conduct our marketing efforts by  
  1. Advertising campaign
  2. Promotional efforts.
  3. Personal selling activities.
We prepare lease agreements between the owners and tenants and facilitate the lease signing process. We help owners maintain good relations and excellent communications with their tenants   
  1. Use intangible and tangible benefits to keep tenants satisfied.
  2. Ensure maintenance and service requests are attended promptly.
  3. Carefully keep accounting record for rental income and  expenses.
    We help our clients prepare the financial and operational strategy before acquisition of the subject property. We perform the following three analysis and formulate a plan:  
    1. Regional and Neighborhood Market Analysis
    2. Property Analysis
    3. Owner’s Objective Analysis
      We want to protect our clients and ensure the success of their investment by a thorough assessment of their project.